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For more than a decade Well Men Centres have played a leadership role in dealing with male and female hormonal health problems, giving us a depth of experience and expertise in this area not generally available elsewhere.

Today's questions regarding health and lifestyle have evolved and need to be relevant to modern times. Traditional medicine fulfils a need but relies on ill-health for it's survival.

The modern approach is to consider good health as the starting point and to work at maintaining it in a very direct way, a one to one with oneself way, identifying the benchmarks that being naturally healthy indicates to us.

Building on this base we can establish a way forward that will motivate us to develop and maintain a good health platform in line with our individual health needs. In this way we can begin to take personal responsibility for our health.

With the assistance of Perth’s Antiaging GP, Dr Joe Kosterich, we

have developed a new innovative complete health approach. The unique

Complete Health Program, brings the whole person into the frame

and investigates not only physical health but the lifestyle and attitudinal

aspects that play an important role in any assessment of health and


Complete Health is a totally modern and interactive approach to

tackling the stresses and strains of living that impact upon us everyday.

This program has been developed in-house by the Well Men Centre and

is available to all men and women who feel the need to find out about

themselves and how their life can be improved by self-understanding.

Complete Health is a big picture approach to health. The process we

employ enables us to facilitate the development of a realistic, do-able plan

to maximise health now and for the future; a plan that best matches who you

are with the life you live.


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